Sunday, January 20, 2013

Getting ready for the challenge!

Hi. I'm Aleezah.I paint in an impressionistic style. I recently sold a painting to Fox 5 for "The Following" starring Kevin Bacon.  The painting is of  a woman holding  a child and it is very much in the style of Mary Cassatt. I think she was an extraordinary woman. She painted every day, all day. She was close friends with Degas. What a life! Interestingly she did not like the word Impressionistic.
Since I am so obsessed with Mary Cassatt I have decided to take a challenge the same way that Julia Powell cooked  her way through Julia Child's cookbook I have decided to paint my way through the book "Mary Cassatt Paintings and Prints" by Frank Getlein, painting every print in the book. I will write all about it in this blog. I am not giving myself a time limit. I would not rush a painting. There are 72 prints! That's a challenge!!! Wish me luck..I have just started to sketch the first painting which is The Bacchante painted in 1872.

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