Friday, January 25, 2013

Thinking of this painting

Jan. 25, 2013

This morning I am thinking of my first painting. Whenever I paint a painting from a book I have a tendency to turn that painting into my style. I have a distinct style and it is a challenge just to try to stick to the original painting exactly as the artist painted it. I am thinking that maybe I will give myself a little freedom to incorporate my style in very subtle ways....maybe in the background or possibly in the dress...we'll see.  My colors will be the same though. I have my drawing ready to go.

I paint 3 or 4 paintings at once. So while I am taking the "Mary Cassatt Challenge" I will also be painting my originals. Right now I am beginning a painting of a hotel I found in Pennsylvania as I was driving home from my daughters house. Actually the sign hanging on this hotel caught my eye every time I passed it. It's a very curvy road so it was hard to stop to photograph it. At first I thought the sign said Table Salt Bar. I though it was a bar. It's an old two story house painted white with green shutters. ...almost something out of a Stephen King novel that you might find in Maine. It intriqued me every time I rode by it. It was about the fifth or sixth time that I slowed down and realized the sign said Table Rock Hotel. It then reminded me of an old hotel in the wild west. ...even more intriguing to paint. I had to photograph it. I finally jumped out of my car and started shooting it from different angles. It has a very distressed look. I'm drawn to that look for my paintings and I love painting it. I love anything distressed. ..picture frames...anything! I love painting buildings with that distressed look. There are so many barns on that same journey that are disstressed that I just cringe everytime I can't stop and photograph them because it wouldn't be safe to stop at that point. So this white and green distressed hotel is on my easel now.

My other painting is of a very distressed...of all things...doghouse that I ran across also in Pennsylvania. I had to paint it. I paint in an impressionistic way so it wouldn't just be a dog house. The background will carry it. Again the sign on it intriqued me. It said "For Sale" and painted on the house in large letters was MOLLY.  It was handmade and painted blue. I wondered about Molly.  The whole picture of this weather-beaten country blue doghouse on wheels on the front lawn of a country home waiting to be sold to a new owner was irresistible. This painting is in the works.

A painting of my daughter holding her daughter is another painting in progress.  I'm very excited about this one because it has the look of a Mary Cassatt painting. I think it is something that Mary would have been drawn to. She painted her family and friends holding their children. The way my daughter held her daughter that day was a painting in my mind. The sketch for this one is done and ready to paint. I'm also finishing up a painting of a willow tree I found on a neighboring street. It's almost done. Sadly it fell during Hurricane Sandy. Willow trees are my favorite. My grandmother had one. It's funny about grandmothers. My grandmother always had strong coffee brewing..and I love that...she had blue willow china...I adore that...and she had these wooden lawn chairs (adirondack) in white that became popular again.  I bought them a while ago and now they are at my daughter's farm. My grandmother had a hundred year old house.(distressed of course!) We called it The Farm. But it really wasn't. My grandfather bought a donkey for the grandchildren to ride but his barn was filled with auto parts. The farm was on a highway and attached was a used car lot. Today my daughter has a real farm and she has those white chairs now.

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