Thursday, February 21, 2013

Making Progress

Making Progress
I still have a lot to do but I thought I would show you what I have done. I have been working on her eyes today and I am happy with them. I will do some more work on the mouth. This painting has a beautiful antique look to it because of the gold running through her dress, her skin tone (which I need to shadow and add more gold tone)...her symbols, and the background. I am using my creative license to run free with the background. I will use Mary's colors but I just have to have my own style there. I still need to put the leaves in her hair and work on her hand. I want to put more purples and browns on her waist band. ..oh, and her eyebrow needs to be thinned out on the left. ...and there is actually more work to be done with her I am not quite there yet.

 My 2d painting will be "The Young Bride". Mary painted it in 1875.  Mary saw the paintings of Degas in a gallery window and she later said she could never describe the effect they had on her. I think they inspired each other.   I'm anxious to start painting "The Young Bride".

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