Monday, February 11, 2013

The Bacchante......starting with the face

Today was a great work day. I started to paint the face of The Bacchante. It's going very well but I must admit there were a few times where I found myself thinking I really would love to have a little chat here with Mary Cassatt.... The  face is looking beautiful. Tomorrow I'll start her dress. I do need to let her hair dry  before I put in more highlights.
I started out the day in a very Zen mood. After  a few hours of painting I took a trip to the health food store. The clerk had the most unsettling energy. She was very nice...overly nice..and her type of energy was cutting into my Zen mood.    I tolerated her and finished my shopping and went out to the car. Here is another area my Zen mood is challenged. I find driving quite stressful!
Back to The Bacchante...painting is so relaxing. I go into a very calm state. I recently heard that painting lowers your blood pressure. Nice perk!
Tomorrow I'll begin the dress. She is wearing a beautiful necklace with gold coins dangling .I'm looking forward to painting this.

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