Monday, April 29, 2013

Banchette Finished at Last!

Today I finished my Bacchante. I also worked on Mary Cassatt's "Young Bride". As I worked on her I started to think more and more that when you "copy" anyone's painting (even your own) never duplicate it and you don't want to. You have a certain style as the artist whose painting you are painting has a style. I have watched art video's that instruct you on how to paint as they do. Sure it's great to pick up some tips but you are compromising your special style once you take on that artist's style. Believe it or not even Van Gogh wanted to paint like other artists. As I read his biography I learned that he wanted to paint like Gauguin...wanted to paint like Monet at one point and especially Delacroix. It was a while before he realized that he himself had a style all his own.
Below you can see "The Young Bride" in progress. Tomorrow when the light is a bit brighter  (today was rainy and dark) I'll photograph "The Bacchante". I usually just place the painting on the floor under my dining room window. There the natural light is perfect. Not too much and not too little.
 "The Young Bride" in progress.
                                                    As you can see I have more work to do shadowing her eyes, etc...Below you can see her dress is coming along. I'm enjoying working on it. The background will have many more layers to it as will the dress until I get it just the way I want it.
                                                           Her dress in progress! :


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