Tuesday, April 23, 2013



                                                             Mango By Aleezah Selinger

I haven't posted for a while. I have been busy in my studio.I am about to start painting "The Bride" today to continue my Mary Cassatt challenge.She is sketched and ready to go. I'm really excited.  I am almost finished with a painting of my daughter with her daughter. This painting is a little Mary Cassatt...ish. I'll post it as soon as it is complete which should be a few days. I just finished reading Vincent Van Gogh by Julius Meier-Graefe published in 1933.   He led such a tortured life and never realized how talented he really was. Next I am reading Picasso by Arianna Huffington published in 1988. I surround myself with art magazines and art books. I was lucky enough to come across a library that was having a sale one summer in Massachusetts. My husband and I must have been in the basement of that library for over an hour. I think each bag-full was only a dollar. ...so much fun. That's where I picked up Picasso and Van Gogh.   Other books were very old. (The Van Gogh is about  80 years old! such an antique...Most were from the 70's....some are on watercolor technique...others on drawing technique and painting. I am in the process of painting my studio and installing a large northern window. I can't wait to see my art books on the bookshelves. I am debating whether to use a whitish color with a touch a yellow to it...or a sage green..if anyone has any thoughts on that please let me know.

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