Friday, March 1, 2013


                                                      " Willow Tree" by Aleezah Selinger

 Willow Tree. I thought I would post one of my latest paintings which also happens to be a tree. This is a willow tree  that I spotted on a street close to my home. Unfortunately it was taken down by hurricane Sandy. I am so glad I got to record it's beauty. There are willow trees and then there are Willow Trees. My son also said he had taken notice of it when he past it. Before I painted the leaves and vines it really had a haunting quality to it...but now looking at it with it's graceful branches I can't imagine how I saw anything spooky about it. It's gracefully beautiful. It's painted in a very impressionistic style which is my style for every painting I do. I'll have to get back to my Mary Cassatt challenge! I'm very easily distracted because there is just so much to paint.