Friday, May 23, 2014

Painting anything and everything...

 All of my paintings and/or prints of my paintings are available on my website:

 I have been painting anything and everything.......
 .......except Mary Cassatt! ...I have been so busy painting ...I keep getting side tracked from my mission here. I was just at the MET the other day and I am now more inspired than ever to continue my Mary Cassatt Challenge after looking at those larger than life Mary Cassatt's.  It is so easy to get side tracked by other projects. My trips to my daughter's home in Pennsylvania  has brought me to several subjects. Here is a painting I did entitled "In The Pear Orchard". I went organic pear picking in this beautiful orchard with my daughter. In this painting I am shown with 3 year old Jack sharing the duties of pear picking. I am actually presenting him with a beautiful pear.

                                                         "In The Pear Orchard" by Aleezah Selinger

My last trip brought me face to face with the most beautiful country barn almost entirely covered with an old willow tree. In front of that is a pond...what more could you ask for....There were even purple mountains in the background. Can you blame me for being side tracked and forgetting this challenge! It was just a painting waiting to happen. So that is what is currently on my easel.

I am interchanging that with a painting of the flowers my son bought me for Mother's Day.
Here is one of my latest paintings This is a still life of my candelabra and Challah board. The beautiful reflection I saw in the board once I lit the candles was magnificent.


                                                                "Reflections"    by Aleezah Selinger

 Here is one last look at what I have been working on. This one is also a product of my trips to my daughters farm:

                                                               "Farm Cows" by Aleezah Selinger

These cows actually posed for me! It was so much fun painting them...

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