Tuesday, February 12, 2013

"Tree on the Hudson" by Aleezah Selinger

This is my painting Tree on The Hudson. This is my favorite place to walk with my husband. It's beautiful along the river. This tree caught my eye a while back and I had to paint it. I did it with a very impressionistic feel. I love looking for it each time we stroll and especially looking at the form it takes on each season. I recently did a willow tree on a neighboring street. It's almost done so I'll post it when it's ready. Sadly, after hurricane Sandy it fell down. I'm so glad I have the painting of it now.

Monday, February 11, 2013


Today is an exciting day....as soon as I am finished cooking I am starting to paint Mary Cassatt's The Bacchante. The sketch is finished. I love the challenge of sketching but for me it's putting the paint down that is the most fun and rewarding. Her dress fascinates me.  The color almost matches the symbals she is holding in her hands. The textures  of each play nicely next to each other.
I'm just waiting for the chicken and deli roll to finish and then I'll be off to my studio to start painting.
I am simultaneously painting my daughter holding her daughter. Two easals would be ideal!

The Bacchante......starting with the face

Today was a great work day. I started to paint the face of The Bacchante. It's going very well but I must admit there were a few times where I found myself thinking I really would love to have a little chat here with Mary Cassatt.... The  face is looking beautiful. Tomorrow I'll start her dress. I do need to let her hair dry  before I put in more highlights.
I started out the day in a very Zen mood. After  a few hours of painting I took a trip to the health food store. The clerk had the most unsettling energy. She was very nice...overly nice..and her type of energy was cutting into my Zen mood.    I tolerated her and finished my shopping and went out to the car. Here is another area my Zen mood is challenged. I find driving quite stressful!
Back to The Bacchante...painting is so relaxing. I go into a very calm state. I recently heard that painting lowers your blood pressure. Nice perk!
Tomorrow I'll begin the dress. She is wearing a beautiful necklace with gold coins dangling .I'm looking forward to painting this.